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Upcoming events boulder jungian analysts

Lecture at the Minnesota Jungian Association "The Nature Archetype and the Psychology of C.G. Jung."

May 1st, 2020 

Past Presentations, Lectures, and Workshops


Vienna IAAP Lecture, August 30, 2019

Lecture titled "Nature as Other: Separation and reconnection in an ever-changing world" discussing our connection with nature including Climate Change. 

The Indigenous Psyche and Creating a Relationship with our True Nature: May 11, 2019

An interruptus-style movie viewing of Dinner with Beatriz where we explored themes including patriarchal attitudes, indigenous psyche, feminine and masculine archetypes, and Jung's reflection on how modern man was separated from his own true nature. 

Co-hosted with Nora Swan-Foster and Mary Coady-Leeper.

The Psychology and Alchemy of the Tarot: September 14, 2019

In this seminar examined the Tarot from a psychological perspective, using the lens of 

analytical psychology to reflect on the archetypal dimensions of the Major Arcana and the complexes imaged in the Minor Arcana.

The Nature Archetype: September 8th, 2018

A presentation on the archetypal structures in the human psyche inherited from nature and their expression in myth, story, and dreams. Will be presented for the Boulder Jung Seminar, which is not open to the public. 


An Introduction to Alchemy: October 13, 2018

An Overview of the Basic Psychological Concepts in C.G. Jung’s Approach to Alchemy and the Archetypal Patterns of Transformation presented for the Colorado Sandplay Therapy Association. This presentation will introduce the metaphorical materials to be worked, the processes that bring about change and the transformative stages through which the psyche must pass to achieve healing. 

Nature, the Nature Archetype, and the Psychology of C.G. Jung: January 12, 2018 New Orleans, LA

Jung said that the greatest threat to earth is humanity; that was in the context of the atomic bomb, but it applies to our current relationship to nature as well. With Dr. Foster we will examine the Archetype of Nature in its bipolar qualities of light and shadow. Alchemists, attempting to liberate spirit from matter, developed the concept of Anima Mundi­­—World Soul—which expanded to Ecopsychology in the image of Gaia, or earth as a living organism. The images of this archetype may contain the seeds of transformation needed in these challenging times.

Find out more here.

Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation: October 14, 2017, Boulder, CO

Presenting with Danial Shaw for the Boulder Jung Seminar

Pauli and Jung: Their Collaborative Relationship: April 7, 2017

A lecture for the Boulder Friends of Jung. Jung viewed himself as a scientist and was fascinated by physics as a way to understand the psyche. His conversations with Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli are examples of how Jung investigated the world around him so as to understand the inner world of the individual. This lecture explored the collaboration between Pauli and Jung.

The Girl Without Hands: a Fairy Tale of Feminine Redemption and Empowerment: September 13, 2015

An all day course, taught in Boulder Colorado, on fairy tales from a Jungian perspective, with CU Professor Dr. Ann Schmiesing. 

Norse Mythology: Figures of Death/ ReBirth; May 12, 2018

Presentation for the BAJA Seminar on Norse mythology was an oral tradition of the Norse people, who lived in Iceland, Norway and areas around what is now called “the North Sea.”  The Prose Edda was believed to have been written by Snorri Sturluson around 1220.  The mythological system is complex; the figures are strong and multidimensional. The Aesir (or Gods) were constantly in conflict with the Jotuns (the Giants) who were a race that came before them; it was from the corpse of one of these Giants (Ymir) that the world was created.  The greatest of the Aesir was Oden, All Father, and creator of all things in the nine worlds of the Norse.We will explore selected myths that include death (a common theme in Norse myths) and work with the associated psychological parallels of trauma, violence, loss, deception, abandonment and other archetypal themes.  We will examine the idea of psychological death/rebirth, and the eternal cycle it suggests, the darkness of winter and the rising of a new warming sun in the spring.


A Night at the Museum with the Art of Chris Olifi: August 15&16, 2015

A sleepover in the Aspen Museum of Art with the past and current artwork of Chris Olifi, and the analysis of the dreams it stimulates. 

Individuation: February 7, 2015

A day long class on individuation for the Boulder Association of Jungian Analysts. Using the readings from the collected works of C.G. Jung and James Hollis' book "Hauntings" to explore the Jungian concept of individuation. 

The Psychology of Fairytales: Meaning in Modern Life: May 10, 2014

A fundamental 4- hour class on two key archetypes taught for the Boulder Association of Jungian Analysts in Boulder, Colorado

Environmental Contamination and the Nature Archetype: Oct. 3, 2014

A lecture for the Boulder Friends of Jung in Boulder, Colorado about the nature archetype, environmental damage, and aspects of the Self in environmental restoration. 

A Jungian View of the Tarot: October 5, 2013

An introduction to the images int he Tarot, as seen through a Jungian lens. Presented for the Jungian Seminar in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Jung, Alchemy, and Alchemical Imagery in Films: June 2011

A presentation on Jung and Alchemy using films to illustrate key psychological and alchemical themes for the New Orleans Jung Society.