Environmental Writing

Environmental Writing

America on the Couch: Psycological Perspectives on American Politics and Culture

Interviews from Pythia Peay on the condition of the environmental, our relationships with Nature and how Analytical Psychology is important to environmental consciousness. Find it here.

Environmental Disasters and Collective Trauma

Guest Introduction to Spring Journal 2012, Vol 88, with co-editor with Nancy Cater. Introduction explores the intimate connections between environmental disasters and collective trauma.

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In My Back Yard: Legacies of the American West

This article explore the legacy of mining, oil, and the industrial contamination associated with the expansion of the American West. Featured in Spring Journal 2012, Vol 88. Read article here.

Risky Business: A Jungian View of Environmental Disasters and the Nature Architype

Driving on Jung's complex theory and work on archetypes, Stephen combines his background working as a scientist on hazardous waste cleanup projects and his training as a Jungian analyst to examine the psychological problems of toxic environmental spills. Stephen will share how Jungian psychology can give us a new understanding into environmental challenges and support our relationship to nature. From Inner City Books. Find it here.