Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes -C.G. Jung

I practice psychotherapy, dream work, emotional counseling, creative and business coaching. I work with adults in business, the arts, writers, and creative individuals who want to explore the archetypal dimensions of professional and creative work. 

What is Jungian Analysis?

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The History

Jungian psychotherapy, based on the theories of Carl Jung, has its origins in creativity and the development of the individual. It is a process of listening to the deeper layers of your inner world and exploring your creative process and the nature of your own psyche.


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The Process

Jung believed in the innate healing nature of our own inner psyche. In Jungian analysis we use dreams, images, books, movies, fairy tales, and myths to explore the personal and collective unconscious, to understand our deeper roots and to access the renewing source of energy Jung called the Self. 

My interview on 'Speaking of Jung'

Podcast host Laura London explores the life and works of C.G. Jung through in-depth discussions with certified Jungian analysts. We discussed culture, politics, the environment, and science. 

Explore my Book

Risky Business: A Jungian View of Environmental Disasters and the Nature Archetype

This book combines Jung's complex theory on the nature archetype with Stephen Foster's own professional experience as a scientist working on hazardous waste clean up. It is a groundbreaking exploration of how Jungian psychology can give us new understanding into environmental challenges and support our relationship to nature. 

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