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Jungian analysis and Jungian psychotherapy can be both short-and long-term work. It can be ideal for specific challenges or for resolving long-term entrenched psychological blocks. I incorporate dreamwork into my practice and have decades of experience in the following areas:

Areas of specialization

Psychological Questions

Psychological Services Boulder Jungian Analyst

  • Life transitions (career, divorce, sexuality)
  • Men, women, and relationships issues
  • Trauma, PTSD, early childhood wounds
  • Addiction  
  • Anxiety, depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  
  • Critical inner voices that prevent change
  • Individuation, self awareness, and mapping one’s life journey
  • Experiences related to Climate Change 

Jungian Focused

Jungian analysis boulder jungian analyst

  • Jungian analysis and psycotherapy  
  • Jungian training and consultation  
  • Dream Analysis, dream process groups  
  • Jungian Supervision (IRSJA and IAAP hours)  
  • Clinical supervision – individuals and groups

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If you are interested in finding relief from symptoms, discovering healing, exploring your creative process or recognizing your own individuation journey, contact me to discuss if Jungian analysis is right for you

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